Trim Clip

Spring Omega Clip
U Type trim clip
Industrial Omega clip
Retainer Clip
Stainless Steel Retainer Clip
Panel Joint Clip
Metal Omega Clip
Metal Snap Clip
Edge Trim Clip
Trim Clips are excellent general-purpose fasteners. They are ideally suited for trim strips, access plates, or any light application where removability is important. Standard Trim Clips are designed for use over rectangular studs or integrally molded blades ribs. This Trim Clip attaches onto the rib with push-on force. Then the assembly easily mates with the structural panel with a push-to-snap-in force. Insertion and pull-out forces vary depending on the mating panel hole configuration, panel thickness and finish.

Panel Thickness:1 mm to 6mm

Spring Dowel Pin

Spring Dowel Pin
Split pins
Spring Pins
Stainless steel dowel pins
Spring Dowel sleeves
Compression limiters
self retaining pin
Dowel Bushing
Spring Alignment dowels
Ground Hollow Dowels
Metal Spacers
Coiled Pin
Dowel pins are used to locate machine parts in a fixed position or to maintain alignment between them. No secondary operations are required for retention. Simply insert the pin into the hole. Spring Pin is to provide and maintain joint integrity of a plastic assembly. They are designed to protect the plastic components of an assembly from the compressive loads generated by the tightening of the bolts, thereby assuring integrity of the bolted connection.

Available Size: 2mm to 50 mm dimeter

S-Shaped Panel Clips

Push Clip
Lock Clip
Formed Clip
Multifunction Clip
Steel Multipurpose Clip
Panel Clip
Trim Clip
S Clip
These clip are design to secures one panel, and another feature that secures or interferes with an additional component. S-Shaped Panel Clips are used for attaching parrallel panels in opposing directions.

They are one-piece, self-retaining and reusable.

Panel Thickness :1mm to 6mm

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